Core Wellness Supplements Arrive Exclusively at NUTRISHOP®

Core Wellness Supplements Arrive Exclusively at NUTRISHOP®

These 'foundational' products were designed to support optimal health, including immune function, positive mood, restful sleep and more.


HENDERSON, Nev., August 20, 2020 ( - NUTRISHOP®, a national retail nutrition franchise specializing in nutritional supplements, weight loss and wellness, today announced the launch of several “Core Wellness” supplements by Elemental Health Sciences® at NUTRISHOP locations nationwide and online at

These products were carefully crafted by Elemental Health Sciences to support everything from a healthy immune system, positive mood, and more restful sleep, to hair, skin, nail, and bone health, and more. Included in the lineup are Elderberry (with Bee Propolis), Melatonin (with Theanine), Turmeric (with Ginger Root), and Zinc (with Lysine), with additional new products arriving later this year.

“People are focusing on ways to improve their health and wellness––now more than ever. We wanted to be able to offer our customers vital wellness products from a brand they can trust: Elemental Health Sciences,” said NUTRISHOP CEO and Founder Bryon McLendon. “We’re calling these products ‘Core Wellness’ because they are foundational vitamins, botanicals, herbs and nutrients for optimal health.”

The Core Wellness products and their benefits are listed below:

5-HTP with Theanine: Helps support positive mood and restful sleep
B-COMPLEX with Active Coenzymes: Supports energy metabolism and the body’s nervous system (arriving end of August)
BIOTIN with Horsetail Extract: Promotes hair, skin and nail health
DIM with Resveratrol: Supports estrogen metabolism and contains BioPerine®for increased absorption
ELDERBERRY with Bee Propolis: Helps support a healthy immune system
MELATONIN with Theanine: Helps support a more restful sleep
QUERCETIN with Bromelain: Boosts and supports immune system (arriving end of August)
TURMERIC with Ginger Root: Supports post-exercise inflammation response
VITAMIN C with Rose Hips: Boosts and supports a healthy immune system and contains antioxidant properties
VITAMIN D3: Provides support for immune and bone health
ZINC with Lysine: Supports immune health and enzyme functions

These products come on the heels of the recently launched IMMŪN™, a potent immune-boosting formula also created by Elemental Health Sciences that has been well received well nationwide. IMMŪN includes a host of vitamins, potent herbs and other ingredients that were hand-picked specifically for their immune-supporting properties.

Wellness has always been a priority for NUTRISHOP. In fact, some of the most sought-after products for the nationwide retail chain include Superfoods™, Nature’s Fuel™, Nature’s Supergreens™ and Nature’s Superfruits™. Now, with the addition of IMMŪN™ and this lineup of Core Wellness products, NUTRISHOP is furthering its mission to help people achieve their health and wellness goals and live their best lives.

“It’s so important to be proactive when it comes to achieving and maintaining optimal health,” McLendon said. “If you are looking to start or even to continue your wellness journey, our NUTRISHOP team is ready to help.”

The Core Wellness products are available exclusively at NUTRISHOP stores nationwide and online.


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