My Six-Month Transformation

My Six-Month Transformation

Nutrishop customer Mike Faber shares his inspiring transformation story of how he went from 300 pounds and in poor health to a much healthier and fitter version of himself.

Hi, my name is Mike Faber. I am 42 years old and live in Madisonville, Louisiana. This is my six-month Nutrishop transformation.

Medical issues stopped me in my tracks!

Over the last 20 years, I have struggled with becoming healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Those years were full of little to no exercise and a lot of yo-yo and fad diets.

In September 2020, all those years of living unhealthy finally caught up with me. I was sitting in my living room watching television and all of a sudden I felt very hot and sweaty. I then felt a large amount of pressure on my chest. If you haven't already guessed it, I had a heart attack.

I went to the E.R. that night, and they ran a bunch of bloodwork, X-rays, heart tests, etc. Come to find out, not only did I have a mild heart attack, but one of my valves was leaking blood. My arteries were very dilated, and my blood pressure was extremely high. They told me I would need to have heart surgery. But, at 300 pounds and in poor health, they also said I was very high risk and that it would be better to lose some weight and come back in six months for a reevaluation. 

A few days passed, and I was finally able to get my bloodwork results. I have to say I wasn't too shocked by the results, but there was much more going on in my body than I thought. I discovered I was also a diabetic, my cholesterol was through the roof, and my liver enzymes were abnormally high, which was a concern for fatty liver disease. I was then put on several different medications, one for diabetes, one for my liver, one for high blood pressure, and a blood thinner for my heart condition. 

Discovering all of this, even after my heart attack, was a big wake-up call. I knew I had to make a lifestyle change for myself and for my family.

I needed help and needed help fast!

I spent years trying to get my health and fitness in order, and unfortunately, I could never sustain long-term results. At only 42, I had my wonderful wife, five great children, a thriving local business, but I was on the brink of not knowing how long I would be around if I didn't get my health in order. I had to face the fact that I didn't know anything about nutrition like I thought I did and didn't know how to give my body exactly what it needed to live a long, healthy life.

I went into Nutrishop Northshore in Covington, LA at the end of January 2021. I walked in and was greeted by Alex Tanguis, the owner. I had been in there on and off over the years, so he knew who I was instantly. I told him I was going to try once again to get my health in order. I told him things were a little different this go around. I explained to him all the health issues I had going on and that, to be honest, this was life or death for me. I had to make this work. 

Alex immediately said, "Let's get you on the InBody and see our starting point so that we can put a plan together." My results showed I had around 35% body fat with a good amount of muscle for my size. 

Alex provided me with everything I needed to get this journey started. He spent over an hour with me, explaining how food works and then he gave me some great suggestions of how I could clean up my eating,  make healthier choices and when to eat. He explained how the different macronutrients help fuel the body. He gave me some meal plan suggestions that would work around my work schedule. He gave me a long list of foods that I could use to prepare my meals. He taught me how to understand macros and how to adjust them according to my progress. I would go in every three to four weeks to do the InBody and to make sure I stayed on track.

I learned that if I eat the right foods, I don't have to be hungry all the time. In my past fad diets, I would barely eat just to see the scale move. Then after two weeks, I would be starving and cave in and gain even more weight than before I started. Alex taught me not to focus on the number on the scale but on body fat and muscle growth. I also learned the importance of never missing a meal. NEVER SKIP A MEAL! 

To supplement my nutrition needs, I took Nature's Fuel vitamins. It's always good to have proper vitamins in your system that sometimes your food doesn't give you. I took PRO7EIN Synthesis Caramel Pretzel Protein as my nighttime and sometimes morning snack. Last but not least, I took BCAA Complex to keep me going throughout the day and during my workouts. It's important to stay hydrated!

Trust the process! It will change your life.

By six months into my journey, I was consistently eating my six meals per day and was in the gym at least three times per week and sometimes more, depending on my schedule. I was doing my best to keep my nutrition measured and on point since nutrition is 70% of the equation, with mental and exercise being the other two components. I would occasionally have a fun meal with my family, but I was always very aware not to go overboard. 

I learned that consistency is the key, and I had to trust the process. I consistently lost 1-2% of my body weight in fat almost weekly during this process, with enough of the right foods keeping me more than full. 

In six months, I lost a total of about 60+ pounds, dropping over 20% of body fat and putting on lean muscle mass at the same time. YES, YOU CAN BURN FAT AND ADD MUSCLE AT THE SAME TIME! I am living proof!

I also had my bloodwork redone recently, and as you could imagine, there was a big difference. I am no longer on diabetic medicine and no longer diabetic. All of my tests are now in the normal range across the board. My blood pressure is also normal, and my liver enzymes, which were five times the normal range are now in the normal range.

I've never felt this healthy in my entire adult life. I have gone from a size 3X T-shirt to a size large. I have dropped my waist from a 42 to a 32, and for the first time, I was able to play volleyball with my daughter and her team for a full two-hour game, and it felt fantastic. And, I’m not done yet. 

Nutrishop Northshore and Alex have helped me get a new lease on life. Alex and his team are now my extended family. I appreciate the knowledge and time they have devoted to my transformation. It's above anything I could have ever expected.