NUTRISHOP® Houston Heights, Texas Officially Open for Business

NUTRISHOP® Houston Heights, Texas Officially Open for Business

Store owner Gregory Wyrick is thrilled to bring ‘entirely new experience and approach’ to his local area

Houston, Texas., November 2020 – Gregory Wyrick started working in the dietary and nutritional supplement industry at the young age of 14. In high school and college, he was the “go-to” guy for anything fitness and nutrition-related. He often wrote nutritional meal plans for and talked supplements with friends and loved ones. After graduating with a degree in Economics from Texas A&M and trying out the corporate world for almost 2 years, he quickly realized his heart wasn’t in it. His passion for helping others with their nutrition, fitness and wellness goals overpowered his need to “earn a steady paycheck.” So he risked everything and opened his very own supplement store – a NUTRISHOP store in fact – in Houston, Texas, where he grew up.

“We are going to bring an entirely new experience and approach to wellness/supplements that the City of Houston has never seen before,” Wyrick said. “Instead of walking into a store with some random hourly worker sitting behind a desk pointing at stuff on the shelves, we take the time with every single customer to make sure they have all of the information they need in order to succeed, and we specify a game plan that is tailored exactly to what is best for that individual.”

When Wyrick began looking into opening his own supplement store, he came across NUTRISHOP’s website. He immediately was attracted to the business model, detailed on the Benefits of Ownership page, and the fact that the company did NOT charge royalty fees as many franchises do. After some great phone calls and a Zoom session with the NUTRISHOP corporate team, he knew 100% he was headed in the right direction.

“What really sold me was the people at corporate. They’re hand-picked perfection,” Wyrick said. “Every individual within the NUTRISHOP organization cares deeply and truly about every single customer and their wellness goals. It shows from the time and effort that was taken with myself during the opening process. It became quickly apparent that the level of care, knowledge, and quality within NUTRISHOP is completely unmatched by any other brand.”

Wyrick’s favorite part about owning a NUTRISHOP so far – aside from offering guaranteed low prices on top-industry brands plus 160+ exclusive product skus – is the customer support. “It sounds like a generic answer, but with tools like the InBody and meal plans, we can really take the time with each and every customer to make sure that the information, supplements, and advice given to them are completely tailored to what their fitness/wellness goals are.”

These services, which are free, are an integral part of the “NUTRISHOP Experience” offered to every customer who walks through the door. The InBody scan is an essential tool for measuring body composition, including lean muscle, body fat, water and bone, quite accurately. The meal plans incorporate healthy eating choices that are totally doable and easy to follow, as well as supplement suggestions to help someone meet their goals in a timely fashion.

“Our take on fitness, nutrition and supplementation is the first of its kind in Houston and it appeals to all demographics and all fitness levels,” Wyrick explained. “Whether someone is very experienced and well on their way to their fitness goals, or someone is just now taking the first step to a healthy lifestyle, NUTRISHOP Heights can help!”

NUTRISHOP Heights is located at 2857 Katy Freeway, Unit 118, Houston, Texas 77007.

Phone: (713) 485-0959
Instagram: @nutrishopheights
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m. to 9 pm., Sat. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sun. 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Since 2003, NUTRISHOP has helped countless individuals live a fit, healthy, happy lifestyle. NUTRISHOP stores offer customers a low-price guarantee on a wide array of cutting-edge dietary supplements along with exceptional, individualized customer service, easy-to-follow meal plans, body composition assessment tools, and sound nutritional guidance. The NUTRISHOP business model focuses primarily on franchisee-owned-and-operated stores that provide consumers with the tools they need to achieve their health and fitness goals. For more information, visit and follow on Instagram @NutrishopUSA.