Physique Competitor's Dedication Pays Off

Physique Competitor's Dedication Pays Off

Meet Keith Leo: a NUTRISHOP®-sponsored athlete who just earned his WBFF pro card and is helping clients get in the best shape of their lives!
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In 2012, Keith Leo got bit by the competitive physique bodybuilding bug. He'd played football and ran track in high school. And, though he would work out to bulk up for football, he didn't really focus on building the physique of a bodybuilding competitor. But he did like lifting weights, which is why he kept a gym membership after high school. When friends asked him about someday competing in bodybuilding, he was intrigued. So, he found a partner and started training. 

Keith dove into the training. He put in the hard work in the gym and kept his diet in check. Fortunately, around this time, Keith started going to NUTRISHOP® in Montery Park, Calif. Nearly every day after he trained at the gym, he would go in and talk with the owner and store manager. They both gave Keith sound advice about nutrition, supplements and more. After doing well in his first competition, Keith was invited by NUTRISHOP® Montery Park to become a sponsored athlete. Keith was all in!

Years later, Keith went on to become a NUTRISHOP® corporate-sponsored athlete (about three years ago). In June, Keith earned his WBFF Pro Card in the Male Fitness Model Category. He is now a full-time, certified personal trainer, helping others get in the best shape of their lives. His next show will be this December.  

We caught up with Keith to ask him to share everything from his favorite cheat meal to how he overcame his greatest challenge. Here is what he had to say:

The Basics…

Age: 29 
Sport: Competitive Bodybuilding in the Male Fitness Model category 
Social Media: @Keithleo_fit

The Questions…

How did you get involved in fitness competitions and how long have you been doing it? I’ve been competing in physique competitions since 2012. It started really from friends telling me I should since I was always working out. Being that I’ve always been an athlete and I loved competition, it sparked an interest. Ever since I did my first competition in 2012 I loved it and it has been something that has made me sharper at my craft. 

What has been one of the greatest challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome it? One of the greatest challenges I’d say would be staying consistent. No matter what changes in life – school, work, living situations – I’ve always made it a priority to stick with it. One thing that helps me is making working out part of my day. I make time for it in my schedule and do it, even when I don’t feel like it.  

What is the best part about what you do as an athlete? The best part would be the the knowledge I gain after every show, the new friendships I form with other dedicated individuals who motivate me to be my best, and the feeling of accomplishment in myself for doing a prep and leaving it all out on the stage. 

How have NUTRISHOP® supplements helped you become better at your sport? NUTRISHOP® has given me the proper nutrients for my body to compete at the highest level. I train just about every day so my body goes through a lot of stress and it’s important I give it quality nutrients to recover and repair. 

What is your favorite supplement or supplement stack so far and why? My favorite supplement so far is the PRO7EIN SYNTHESIS protein. It tastes amazing and is protein packed with 34g of protein per serving! My favorite flavor is the Caramel Pretzel!

What does being a part of Team NUTRISHOP® mean to you? Being part of NUTRISHOP® has always been an amazing opportunity and I’ve met some amazing people who are such great supporters. Also, NUTRISHOP®, to me, brings quality in product and knowledge, and that’s why I trust them so much and trust them to provide my personal training clients with amazing supplements. 

When times get tough, how do you stay motivated? What helps me stay motivated is having people in my circle who are hustlers and go-getters. They keep me on my toes and keep that urgency in my head to not slip. And, they open my mind to new creative ways of getting the job done. 

Who inspires you and why? My girl, Jasmine, is a huge inspiration to me. She’s the hardest worker I know and does literally everything. With her being the way she is, I have no excuse. 

What are your top five training tips for your sport? 

  1. Always stretch/do a proper warm-up before your workout. 
  2. Make sure you rest your body. Always try to get a good night's rest and take 1-2 rest days per week. 
  3. Eat right. You can’t out-train a bad diet. 
  4. Drink lots of water.
  5. Incorporate a cardio or HIIT style cardio in your routine. You've got to have a strong heart. 

What is the most important piece of advice you would offer to someone who wants to be like you? Start your journey by making small adjustments at a time rather than a whole lifestyle change over night. It’s not practical and will be much harder for you to sustain for a long period of time.  

Favorite quote or mantra? “Create your vision." – Keith Leo 

Favorite cheat meal? Pizza and wings

Favorite healthy snack? Jasmine. Lol, JK! Baby cucumber slices with lemon juice!

What is your training routine like each week? Fasted-morning cardio or HIIT cardio, then weight training mid-day. I usually focus on one primary muscle group and one secondary muscle group and hit the gym 5 days per week.  

What is your most notable achievement? Earning my WBFF pro card this year as a Male Fitness Model. 

Future goals? Become a General Electrician and also expand our gym and grow the personal training business.