Transform Your Body by Summer: 10 Expert Tips

Transform Your Body by Summer: 10 Expert Tips

Nutrishop Athlete/Personal Trainer Shares What To Do To Achieve Success

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ORANGE COUNTY, CA — As spring blossoms fully across the country, many are setting their sights on summer fitness goals. Chanel Schweer, a certified personal trainer and seasoned NUTRISHOP® athlete who has helped hundreds of clients achieve transformation success, has stepped up to offer sage advice for those looking to reshape their bodies within 12 weeks or less.

With over a decade and a half of experience in personal training and online coaching and a solid following on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram (@ChanelMarie_fit), Schweer is an authority in the fitness industry. Her expertise is further bolstered by her 14-year partnership with Nutrishop, a leader in health, wellness, sports nutrition, weight loss and top-quality dietary and nutritional supplements. 

“Of course, we want the magic bullet or overnight results, but true transformation takes dedication and time,” Schweer advises. “Just as it takes time for body fat to accumulate, it takes time and effort to make it disappear. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes that are healthy or sustainable. It’s about small, consistent changes that add up to substantial results.”

Below, Schweer shares 10 tips for anyone aiming to see a significant difference in their health and bodies by summer.

1. Get Up Early: Starting your day earlier can give you more time to engage in productive activities like working out, meal prepping, journaling and planning your day, Schweer advises, noting that you may need to go to bed earlier. Rising early promotes a disciplined lifestyle conducive to achieving health and fitness goals.

2. Stay Hydrated: Schweer suggests drinking a gallon of water daily to aid in fat metabolism and keep the brain and body well hydrated. “It wouldn’t hurt to cut back on alcohol either,” she adds. Just remember, proper hydration is not just about water, it’s about mineralization. An electrolyte formula such as SaltHead by Xcelerated Performance Products (XP2) can help with that. 

3. Focus on Protein Intake: Aim for one gram of protein per pound of your goal body weight each day, Schweer says. If you need help getting adequate protein, consider adding a quality protein supplement like Vitasport's PRO7EIN Synthesis to your dietary regimen.

4. Move Daily for Lasting Health: Whether it’s a light walk on rest days or a challenging workout session on training days, move every day, Schweer recommends. Not only is regular physical activity essential for reducing stress, improving heart health and enhancing mental well-being, but you won’t achieve body transformation success if you don’t step outside your comfort zone and get moving. 

5. Visualize Success: Schweer advocates for visualization and goal journaling as powerful tools for manifestation. “The power of journaling your goals, as though you have already achieved them, has been life-changing for me,” she says. “Write down your goals in detail. Visualize how you feel, what you see in the mirror, how your clothes fit, the number on the scale, etc. ... Manifestation and the power of positive thinking go a long way!”

6. Set Small, Daily Goals: Instead of overanalyzing the big picture, focus on achievable daily actions to build momentum toward larger goals, Schweer advises. These can include waking up 30 minutes earlier for a quick jog before getting ready for work, drinking that gallon of water throughout the day, journaling for 10 minutes, and sticking to your nutritional plan and protein intake.

7. Incorporate the Right Supplements: “Diet is extremely important, and supplementing that healthy diet will only aid in your journey,” Schweer says. Nutrishop has helped countless individuals achieve transformation success since its inception over 20 years ago. A leader in the nutritional supplement industry, Nutrishop has even put together several stacks to support your journey in building muscle and burning fat (a.k.a. body recomposition). These include the following: 

• The Transformation Stack – Combines Hypercor for boosted energy and metabolism, Somnilean for sleep support and Detoxin – all geared to help facilitate comprehensive body transformation.

• The Cardio Burn Stack – Features a high-energy thermogenic formula (Thermovex); a stimulant-free metabolic enhancer (Lipotropic) and a metabolic formula with CLA and a heat blend (Gamma Lean) to help maximize cardio efficiency. 

• The Metabolic Heat Stack – Includes Mitoshape, a stimulant-free formula created with MitoBurn® and InnoSlim®, Thermovex and Lipotropic Heat, a pre-cardio formula that combines a heat blend with L-Carnitine.

• The Stimulant-Free Metabolic Stack – Comprises Lipotropic, Gamma Lean, and Somnilean to support metabolism and sleep, all without stimulants.

8. Lift Weights: If you think you can transform your body without lifting weights or strength training, you’re mistaken. Regular weight lifting is vital. “It not only sculpts the body but also boosts metabolism, mood and overall health,” Schweer adds. If you’re new to weight lifting, she suggests building a solid foundation with standard compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, rows, lat pulldowns, chest presses, and overhead presses, then progressing your workouts by increasing the weight load and adding different exercises.

9. Don’t Give Up. Putting in the work, changing old habits and relinquishing creature comforts like Netflix binging and late-night snacking all take strength and determination. If you feel like throwing in the towel, just remember the old adage, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” Schweer often tells her clients, “in 4 weeks you feel it, in 8 weeks you personally see it, and in 12 weeks the world sees it.” Keep going. 

10. Call on the Experts: If you’d like to jumpstart your transformation, Schweer suggests stopping by your local Nutrishop store to learn more about how proper nutrition and the right supplements can support your transformation journey. She also encourages those unsure of what to do in the gym to seek an experienced personal trainer who can help maximize your workout results.

“Find a routine that includes movement you love, use supplements wisely, and push beyond your comfort zone. That’s the formula for lasting transformation success,” Schweer concludes.

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