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Fuel Smart. Train Hard.

You’re about a half-hour away from another intense workout. Of course, you want to be on point and properly fueled to perform your best in order to get the most out of your workout. So you contemplate your carb of choice: Maybe some pasta, a bowl of rice, or even a big glass of your favorite sugar-laden juice to fuel you up.

Performance carbohydrate fuel

Let’s be real. These carb sources might taste good, but they can make your stomach feel uncomfortable and bloated (to say the least!). That’s not exactly the feeling you want during training or competition. The truth is, there is so much more to the digestion process required for these types of carbohydrates. But, there are other quality carb sources you should consider.

50g carbohydrates per serving

CarbPro™ by EVOchem Nutrition® is a sustained-release carbohydrate performance fuel that is easy on the stomach and doesn’t spike insulin levels like other fast-acting carb sources. CarbPro™ contains 50g/serving of three high-quality carbohydrate sources (derived from corn, potato, and tapioca) and electrolytes. The gluten-free, vegan endurance formula can help supply your body with the fuel necessary to power through your most intense workouts. Fuel smart. Train hard. Get CarbPro™ today!

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