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Proper carbohydrate utilization

Do you ever indulge in a high-carb cheat meal? Are you an endurance athlete who ingests a pile of pasta the night before a big race? Do you find that your energy levels are up and down like a roller coaster throughout the day, especially right after you eat? Or maybe you just want a righteous pump so you consume plenty of carbs before your workout but aren’t really sure if they’re getting used properly (proper carbohydrate utilization and storage can unlock your body’s metabolic and performance potential).

Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA)

Maybe it’s time to try a good Nutrient Partitioning Agent, specifically a Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA). Never heard of such a thing? Well then, let us guide you in the right direction! In short, these are industry terms that refer to compounds that assist the body in shuttling glucose and nutrients more efficiently, which, in turn, can make for better utilization and performance.

Optimized Potency

GLYCOVEX™ is formulated with higher concentrates of selective phytonutrient herbal extracts than many others of its kind, which are filled with less concentrated whole plant powders. Some products in this category offer higher milligrams and more servings but deliver lower concentrates of the part of the plant compound that actually works. GLYCOVEX™ uses high-quality concentrate extracts of isolated phytonutrients. This allows for a stronger formula in a smaller, more potent serving size. Optimize the potency, optimize the results.

Key Nutrients

Some key nutrients in GLYCOVEX™ include Gymnema Sylestre Extract, Banaba Leaf Extract, Berberine and Cinnamon Bark extract. We’ve also included additional ingredients to help with the digestion and proper absorption of these nutrients to maximize your results.

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