Nutrishop Founder Honors Men’s Health Month and PTSD Awareness Day by Launching “Know Where You Stand” Health Initiative

In light of Men’s Health Awareness Month and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Awareness Day (June 27th), Nutrishop founder Bryon McLendon and participating Nutrishops launch “Know Where You Stand” health initiative, offering a much needed “wake up call” for men and their loved ones.
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Earlier this month many families celebrated Father’s Day. My sisters and I instead quietly remembered the one-year anniversary of our father’s death from a series of heart attacks. According to doctors, this could easily have been prevented by a change in diet and exercise habits. He died Father’s day morning, one of some 835,536 who die of heart disease each year, (1 in 3 deaths) according to the American Heart Association.

Like many men our father did not focus on fathering himself. A Vietnam War veteran with a long career in the wine industry, he loved going out and eating rich meals. So when I learned about the efforts Bryon McLendon and Nutrishop ( were making to give a much needed “wake up” call for men, simply, and non-invasively, I wanted to get the word out.

As Bryon McLendon knows all too well “Most men are reactive not proactive. They don’t want to go to the doctor. It really takes a wake up ‘life or death’ call to get them to focus on themselves.”

Meet the wake up call – the InBody 570 body composition analyzer, which measures, among other things, visceral fat. Available for no charge at participating Nutrishop locations nationwide (, this evaluation takes less than 5 minutes.

Visceral fat, found in the abdomen, is close to many vital organs such as the pancreas, liver, and intestines. The higher the amount of visceral fat a person stores the more at risk they are for health complications like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

In light of Men’s Health Awareness Month, and of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) awareness Day (June 27th), McLendon feels it is important for men to understand the connection between stress and fat, “When there is stress - whether physical emotional or mental - your body produces cortisol and when that happens you lose lean muscle. When that happens your metabolism gets slower. When your metabolism slows down, you gain unwanted fat. And that’s not helpful in the gym, the boardroom, or the bedroom.

When Bryon was in high school he played water polo, baseball, soccer, and tennis - never thinking about diet or supplementation. After high school, he became obsessed with skiing, moving to Mammoth to pursue the sport daily, “That was aggressive…It required real endurance – I discovered I could not put those types of demands on my body eating fast food and not giving my body the proper nutrition.”

Bryon found this not only applied to the sports – but also business. According to McLendon, “You cannot put above average demands on your body and mind and expect to perform above average or recover properly. I actually work with a number of CEOs, influencers and success coaches who are becoming more and more aware of the competitive edge of self-care.”

Where do you stand? Take 5 minutes to find out. To find your “Know where you stand” at participating Nutrishop locations, please visit To learn more about the 570 analyzer, please visit

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