Stance Supplements Launches MERK Pre-Workout

Stance Supplements Launches MERK Pre-Workout

The demand for a mind-blowing pre-workout formula that fitness enthusiasts can FEEL is at an all-time high. Stance Supplements® has joined the fray with its new, fully-loaded pre-workout offering called MERK™. It is launching exclusively online and at NUTRISHOP® locations nationwide this week.

“We are super excited about the MERK™ launch by Stance Supplements and can’t wait to share it with our customers,” says NUTRISHOP® CEO and Founder Bryon McLendon. “Unlike some other pre-workouts in the marketplace that use sub-par ingredient dosages, MERK™ is heavily dosed and is a very comprehensive formula at that. For those who are always on the prowl for the latest and greatest, super-intense pre-workout, MERK™ fits the bill.”

It’s true. MERK™ is packed with higher dosages of increasingly sought-after, potent pre-workout ingredients, including 6g of Citrulline Malate, 3.2g of Beta-Alanine, 550mg of VitaCholine®, 350mg of caffeine, and 200 mg of AlphaSize® (L-Alpha glycerylphosporylcholine). The MERK™ formulators also included a number of complementary ingredients, including vitamin B12, Himalayan Rock Salt, ActiGin® and Astragin®, to round out this product and help maximize its effectiveness. Additionally, MERK™ ups the ante with its inclusion of thermogenic ingredients, including Grains of Paradise, to help heat up the body during intense training sessions.

“I tried it for the first time yesterday, and I had insane energy, felt stronger and had more endurance,” said Chris Hernandez, a customer at NUTRISHOP® Brea, California. “And, I was not as tired after the workout.”

Who should take a pre-workout? Anyone who’s tired after working all day but still wants to crush their workout. Anyone who needs an extra boost of energy to power through those grueling leg days. Anyone who wants to experience an unforgettable training session at the gym. Those who aren’t sure if a pre-workout is right for them or want to learn more about MERK™, are invited to speak with a nutrition consultant at their local NUTRISHOP® store. Find a store:

Launching in two killer flavors – Brutal Blue Razz and Strawberry Death Punch – MERK™ works just fine as a standalone product, but it can be stacked with creatine or other non-stimulant products. As always, consumers should speak with their primary care physician before starting any new dietary supplement regimen.

About Stance Supplements®

Stance Supplements was founded in 2014 to fill a void in the sports nutrition industry. With so many consumers being misled by unscrupulous companies making bold – and often false – claims without reliable human studies backing them up, the founders of Stance Supplements® decided it was time for a change. It was time to make their STANCE on quality and efficacy known! Some of the brand’s most popular products include Power ATP, BCAA Complex and LIPOTROPIC™. For more information, go to


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