NUTRISHOP® Asks: Do You Have Harmful Visceral Fat Around Your Organs? 

NUTRISHOP® Asks: Do You Have Harmful Visceral Fat Around Your Organs? 

Nutrishop shares how to measure and track visceral fat and what to do to reduce it


HENDERSON, Nev., June 1, 2022 — NUTRISHOP® wants you to know what your body is made of so you can live your best, healthiest life. If you only use the old-school formula to calculate body mass index (BMI) or weigh yourself on a home scale, you’re not getting the full picture. In addition to lean muscle, body fat, and bones, there is a hidden fat clinging to the organs in your belly. It’s called visceral fat. Some people have more than others, and it doesn’t necessarily matter if you’re overweight or not.

The problem is, high visceral fat has been linked to an alarming number of health issues. And, as the old saying goes, “what you don’t know can harm you.” So, it’s better to know. At participating Nutrishop locations, you can step onto a body composition analysis machine to find out how much visceral fat you have inside your body.

“It’s common for people to be concerned with body fat from an appearance standpoint, but what’s even more important is visceral fat,” said Nutrishop founder and CEO Bryon McLendon. “Because that is the one that can cause serious harm.”

What Is Visceral Fat and Why Is It Dangerous?

Visceral fat is stored deep inside the body where it wraps around abdominal organs like the liver, stomach and intestines. It is considered “metabolically active,” meaning it produces chemicals and hormones that can be toxic and inflammatory to the body. This type of fat is dangerous because it can increase the risk for a host of problems like high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, stroke, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

For some, visceral fat can make the belly stick out (i.e. potbelly) or give that “apple-shaped” appearance. Others could be slender and have a seemingly flat stomach but still have visceral fat hidden inside their bodies. That’s why it’s important to know your visceral fat numbers.

Measuring and Tracking Visceral Fat

At participating Nutrishop locations across the nation, customers can not only measure and track their body fat, lean muscle, and water/hydration, but they can also find out their visceral fat level via the InBody 570, InBody 770, or Evolt 360. According to InBody USA, a healthy visceral fat range is 1 to 10. Anything over 10 opens you up to health problems.

“When I first stepped onto the Evolt 360 machine, I had no clue what visceral fat was and no clue what it does or how to address it. After seeing I had a significant amount of visceral fat, [Nutrishop Glendora franchisee] Rick Rodriguez gave me a quick breakdown of what it meant and how it affects my health,” said Juan Sanabria, 28, of Moreno Valley, Calif., who started his transformation journey with a visceral fat reading of 15. “Since then, he has advised me on what foods are better for me to incorporate into my daily routine. We have monitored my visceral closely on the Evolt, and it has been lowering. It’s now a steady 7 or 8.”

How To Reduce Visceral Fat

Nutrishop team members are experienced and passionate about helping people increase lean muscle and reduce body fat, including visceral fat. Shaun Freeman, franchisee of Nutrishop St. Petersburg, Florida, who holds personal training and nutrition certifications through NASM and ISSA, said he encourages customers with high visceral fat to eat more whole foods, get more exercise, and work on having a balanced, healthy gut to minimize toxins in the body.

Amy Jo Palmquest, a Nutrishop franchisee and ACE-certified personal trainer with a degree in exercise science and nutrition, said since sedentary lifestyles and low muscle mass tend to increase the risk of higher visceral fat, she encourages her customers to exercise. And, by exercise, she means lifting weights.

“I’ll take it a step further and suggest weight training is the most effective way to reduce and keep off visceral fat,” Palmquest said. “Many studies have shown that consistent, 3-4 days per week of weight training can help you lose visceral fat, even without dieting.”

If you are interested in learning what your body composition is actually made of, including visceral fat, visit your local Nutrishop store. Find a store here.

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