Nutrishop® Partners with High Fives Foundation to Empower Athletes with Life-Changing Injuries

Nutrishop® Partners with High Fives Foundation to Empower Athletes with Life-Changing Injuries

Partnership brings quality supplements, financial support and expanded awareness to the nonprofit
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TRUCKEE, CA April 27, 2023 – Jeff Andrews’ life forever changed nine years ago when a snowboarding accident left him with a high-level spinal cord injury, severely restricting the use of his hands, arms, and legs. With great determination, intense rehabilitation, and massive support from the nonprofit High Fives Foundation in Truckee, CA, Andrews has since been able to compete in multiple adaptive surfing competitions and is currently a player for the U.S. Wheelchair Rugby Association.

Thanks to a recent partnership between the High Fives Foundation and Nutrishop, a leading national nutritional supplement and wellness franchise, Andrews is now receiving top-quality supplements to support his intense, five-days-a-week training regimen. Andrews attests that the donated supplements, which include protein, pre-workouts, branched-chain amino acids, and creatine, not only enhance his workout performance but also boost his motivation, maintain his high intensity levels, and help with his post-workout recovery.

“High Fives has been there from start to finish of my recovery,” said Andrews, 34, who is just one of 620+ athletes and individuals receiving support from High Fives in the way of training, massage therapy, acupuncture, counseling, and opportunities to surf, mountain bike, ski and more. “Thank you, Nutrishop, for being a part of it and helping other athletes and myself with your awesome products!”

The Nutrishop and High Fives partnership came about after a chance meeting between the nonprofit’s and for-profit’s founders/CEOs. While out running errands in Truckee, Roy Tuscany of High Fives spotted Bryon McLendon wearing a rare High Fives Foundation beanie. Tuscany asked McLendon where he got that “rad beanie” to which McLendon responded, from this “rad foundation.” Tuscany then introduced himself. The two started talking and felt an instant camaraderie. Tuscany subsequently invited McLendon to tour the nearby High Fives that same day. McLendon said he was “blown away” by the sheer size of the facility, which includes an adaptive sports center/gym, physical therapy, massage, cold plunge therapy, and various offices and departments like graphics and apparel.

After the encounter, McLendon, who resides with his wife in North Lake Tahoe, knew he had to get involved, especially if it meant helping out a local nonprofit. He approached Tuscany about donating supplements to support the men and women training at the facility. Tuscany was on board, appreciating the opportunity to extend a supplement component to High Fives athletes. Additionally, starting today, Nutrishop will sell co-branded apparel and headwear online, with 100% of the proceeds going to High Fives. Later this year, will implement a “round-up” feature when checking out online for consumers to donate to High Fives.

“We are excited to partner with Bryon and Nutrishop,” said Tuscany, who founded High Fives in 2009 to “pay it forward” after dealing with his own life-changing injury and recovery. “The benefits of this collaboration extend well beyond financial gains. It is welcoming in a full-circle partner that will not only provide wellness and vitality to our organization and those we serve but also expand the community of support for High Fives.”

An avid snow skier and highly active individual, McLendon said imagining himself in the shoes of those who’ve experienced life-altering injuries instantly sparked his desire to do what he could to help High Fives. If he could help further High Fives’ mission to get individuals like Andrews back to doing the sport they love or finding a new sport to pursue while bringing more awareness to the good that High Fives is doing, then it’s a win for Nutrishop.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with High Fives to support their mission of empowering individuals and veterans with life-changing injuries. The more this organization receives, the more they can do for their athletes,” McLendon said. “We’ve been very blessed in business, and what a blessing it is to be able to give back.”

To show your support by purchasing Nutrishop and High Fives Foundation co-branded apparel and headwear, with 100% of proceeds benefitting High Fives, visit this link.

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About High Fives Foundation
High Fives Non-Profit Foundation focuses on preventing life-changing injuries and provides resources and hope if they happen. It was formed as a way to “pay it forward” by the founder, Roy Tuscany, after his own recovery from a spinal cord injury. The Foundation has expanded to help 622 athletes from 45 states and Canada since its inception in 2009. The High Fives Foundation is a California-based, national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For more information, please visit